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My name is Tracey and hands up, I’m a bona fide foodie. I LOVE my food and am always excited to experiment and try new things. I’d dabbled with Kombucha years before but my journey to fermented foods started, in earnest, after reading the book GUT by¬†Giulia Enders. Aside from being a fascinating science-led insight into the importance of gut health for our overall health, the book also looks at the link between gut health and mental health. Separately, I had been reading how fermented foods can have a positive impact on gut health due to its natural probiotic properties – it’s full of beneficial bacteria. So for my own wellbeing, I started making my own fermented foods. I revisited kombucha – this time swapping black tea for green tea, making a much lighter and tastier booch. I tried sauerkraut and kimchi and moved on to experimenting with a variety¬†of vegetables – some successfully – carrots are particularly delicious – and some not so successful – fermented aubergine – yuck.

I’m not going to make any statement about the impact the fermented food has had on my overly busy brain because I still (like everyone else on the planet) have good days and not so good days. What I have discovered is a super tasty raw food that is full of natural goodness. I hope to share my passion and favourite ferments with you.


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