See the bottom of this page for guidance on how to care for your ferments when you get them home as well as ideas for how to eat them

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CULTURE care instructions

How to look after your ferments when you get them home.


  • keep refrigerated
  • once opened use within 2 weeks
  • consume by the use-by-date
  • use a clean utensil with your ferment
  • never double dip
  • if you push your ferment down (under the brine) it will keep your ferment healthy


How to eat your ferments.


  • start with just a fork full a day (and build up)
  • heat will kill the beneficial bacteria so eat raw
  • treat your kraut & kimchi like a raw ‘slaw side dish
  • jazz up a sandwich or wrap
  • use as a relish on top of your burger or hot dog
  • liven up a bowl of rice with your ferment
  • it’s great on scrambled eggs or with avocado on toast


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