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New to fermented foods? Not sure where to start? Here’s the perfect set of fermented veggies to kickstart your gut health regime after Christmas choccies, cheese and mince pies.

Each 190g jar is packed full of tasty tanginess and billions of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria – delicious and good for your gut. What’s not to love?

It’s best to eat your fermented veggies raw as heat kills the probiotic bacteria so use them as a raw coleslaw or an extra veggie portion on your plate. The krauts and kimchis taste elevate simple foods like chees on toast or plain rice to something superlatively delicious. You can also use them as a condiment on top of your favourite burgers and sausages.

Start with a forkful a day to allow your digestive system to get used to the ferments.

Your Gut Health starter set includes:

Kimchi – a mildly spicy vegan version of the traditional ferment from Korea with savoy cabbage, mouli, carrots, leeks, ginger, garlic, Korean chilli flakes, sea salt

Curtido – a spicy ferment from El Salvador where it’s used as a raw coleslaw it has bit of a kick but not too much heat Ingredients: local savoy cabbage, carrots, white onions, lime (juice & zest), fresh chilli, Mexican oregano, sea salt

Red cabbage with cumin – local red cabbages have been used to make this lovely warm and rich winter kraut with extra depth created by the addition of seasonal beetroot and cumin seeds.


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