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Raw. Unpasteurised. Vegan. Naturally probiotic.

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Our Original Kimchi is our take on the traditional Korean ferment. It’s vegan so we’ve left out all the fishy stuff (it’s usually made with fish sauce and dried shrimps).  We also make use of what is grown locally so savoy is used instead of a nappa cabbage. And rather than adding a brine to our ferment, this Kimchi is fermented using the kraut method where salt is used to draw moisture from the vegetables to create its own brine. Essentially these veggies ferment in their own nutritious juices, the only thing in there apart from vegetables is salt and spices, which is a key part of the fermentation process. Original Kimchi is tangy and midly spicy – so it has a kick but isn’t hot.

I’ve made up some small batches of kimchi condiments – a delicious kimchi salt and a kimchi cultured wholegrain mustard

Original kimchi – Savoy cabbage, Radish, Carrots, Spring Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Korean Chilli Flakes, Sea Salt

Kimchi mustard – I usually use mature kombucha to make my cultured mustards but this time I fermented the whole grains (yellow and brown) in some brine left over after I’d jarred up a batch of kimchi. A very special mustard indeed. 190g jar.

COMING SOON (they’ll be ready in a couple of weeks)

TANGGUN KIMCHI – a kimchi that has the same vegetables as my original kimchi but is heavy on the carrots with no cabbage and I’ve added some sweet white miso for added umami.

ANCHO KIMCHI – my first batch sold out. I swapped the traditional Korean chilli flakes (gochugaru) with some ancho chillies to great a sweet and subtly smokey kimchi with a gentle bite.

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  1. Wendy McDonald

    I took a jar of Kimchi on our hols…….. It was a star and graced the big Oak farmhouse kitchen table on Bodmin Moor …… But it ran out on the second day…..all our house guests loved it.

    • Tracey Benton

      So glad you enjoyed it and shared the kimchi love with friends. Thank you for taking the time to leave such wonderful feedback. I think I’m going to have to start making double quantities as it goes so fast x

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