A selection of sauerkrauts using local seasonal veggies.
Raw, unpasteurised, vegan & naturally probiotic

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Our small batches of ferments differ each month because we work with what is available seasonally and locally as well as local produce that is foraged or gifted to us from gardens and allotments.

Each month we will have different offerings for you:

Currently we have the following in 314g jars:

KRAUT 1   Curtido – this is my take on a traditional ferment from El Salvador where it’s used as a raw coleslaw and served with pupusas, which are flat breads made with corn flour that are stuffed with delicious things like refried beans, shredded pork or cheese. I tend to treat curtidio as I do my other fermented veggies and have it as a side dish. It’s blipping lovely on cheese on toast (ALL ferments are delicious on cheese on toast in my opinion)and delicious with grilled things. My curtidio is mildy spicy – a bit of a kick but not too much heat.

Ingredients: local savoy cabbage, carrots, white onions, lime (juice & zest), fresh chilli, Mexican oregano, sea salt

KRAUT 2  Red cabbage and cumin – local red cabbages have been used to make this lovely warm and rich winter kraut with extra depth created by the addition of seasonal beetroot and cumin seeds.

Ingredients: local red cabbage, beetroot, cumin seeds, sea salt

Cabbage & celeriac sauerkraut with fennel
Cabbage with rose and cardamom



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Kraut 1, Kraut 2, Kraut 3, Kraut 4


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